Servant Leadership

January 9, 2008 at 2:12 pm Leave a comment

At first, Ken Blanchard’s book, Leading at a Higher Level, read like a corporate management & leadership guidebook. To be sure, there are some good points that can be applicable to leadership in ministry settings (which I will write about later).
But the last section of the book gave me something that I felt I needed to share right away. It was the chapter on Servant Leadership. Some of it read so much like a sermon that I was saying “Amen!” on several occasions (which I finished while waiting in the jury duty room on Monday).

Two notes and a comment:
1) He notes the importance of humility (he also cites Jim Collins’ work Good to Great as well which echoes this). “People with humility don’t think less of themselves; they just think about themselves less” (p.263, quoting another book).

2) Self-serving leaders vs. servant leaders. “Self-serving motivations can’t be hidden for long. Your heart will be exposed” (p.269).

As a leader, I need to remember that my first and foremost calling is to be a follower of Jesus Christ — and Jesus was a servant leader, denying the self to serve others. But the danger of being a leader is in thinking that followers should serve while leaders are busy leading. But we must lead in (and through) serving!

“Lord, please help me to never get tired of serving. After all, the reason why I am in the position of leadership in ministry is because I was called to serve You…”

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