Done & Undone

August 10, 2009 at 12:37 am 2 comments

We are down to the final few days of our sabbatical and by the end of this week, we’ll be back home in Davis!  As we wind down here in Vancouver, we’re taking inventory of what we’ve done and what remains undone.

First of all, as of tonight, we are done with our last family Speed Scrabble competition and here are the final scores:

1st Place:  Kristen with 1934 points!
2nd Place:  Joong with 1585 points
3rd Place:  Taylor with 1533 points
4th Place:  Susanna with 1481 points

Truth be told, we each played as hard as we could, so Kristen’s victory is for real.  But remember, she played this game longer than any of us, so the principle of deliberate practice is the real winner. 😉

We’re not quite done with going to the library (and putting in 8-10 hours of study/reading every day) — we’re happily continuing that to the very end!  Kristen was supposed to do a lot of PSAT studies, but somewhere along the way, she caught the Bible bug and switched over to reading the entire Bible through and wants to be done before we leave.  Being a pastor, I guess I can’t get mad at her for that…oh well, I suppose she’ll have to study for the PSAT some other time.

As for Taylor, in between daydreaming about baseball, he finished the NT and re-read all seven of The Chronicles of Narnia books.  A couple of weeks ago, we listened to an intriguing lecture by Dr. Michael Ward on secret symbolisms that C. S. Lewis might have embedded in those books.  Ever since that lecture, Taylor has been in planet Narnia and Susanna has been visiting him there as well!

For me, in addition to reading the entire Bible and taking Dr. Waltke’s class, I also got to read a dozen books and listened to a Puritan Theology course that Dr. Packer taught before (making use of the driving time to Banff last week).  Overall, it’s been a very rewarding and blessed time…

Susanna has been reading the Bible through as well and will be done tomorrow!  She also read over a dozen books, many of which were purchased here, so unfortunately, the several boxes of books that we brought up from Davis are left undone.  😦

Finally, Susanna and I also got caught up with all the Gracepoint & Waypoint messages, combined staff retreats that Pastor Ed & Kelly Kang led, along with other retreats and messages from this past summer.  We did a lot of listening as we exercised on the treadmill so that we would be on track with everyone else back home.  But alas, one thing left undone is the 2 Timothy memorization as we’re quickly running out of time!  If only we had 30 hours in a day…but time keeps flowing like a river!

I’ll post one final post on Thursday as we bid farewell to Vancouver.

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  • 1. akim  |  August 10, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Can’t believe it’s over – I’m looking forward to seeing you all when you return!

  • 2. spark  |  August 10, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    Hi Pastor Jonathan: thank you for your post in allowing us to take a glimpse of what you’ve been up to. It’s such a blessing to see the focus your family have in seeking wisdom from God during the Sabbatical. hope to hear much about it when you return!


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